myrosy intimate perfume

We are here to empower women to choose the scent they will love for the most intimate area of their bodies.

With every drop of our MyRosy intimate perfume, it becomes a memorable scent that leavesa lasting impression.

As women use MyRosy intimate perfume, they will feel more in control of their special scent.

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Our Intimate Perfume

MyRosy intimate perfume is a multi-purpose perfume that deodorizes a woman's vaginal area. This perfume has been clinically approved in South Korea where the product was researched and developed. We love how the intimate perfume helps women feel more in control of their scent AND it won't disrupt the feminine pH balance.​​

Also, this intimate perfume can be used in other areas of a woman's body. It can be used as a regular perfume with the benefit of long-lasting scent. Learn more about all the different ways the perfume can be used.

Our Goal During R&D

MyRosy intimate perfume was developed with the MOST sensitive part of a woman's body in mind. We carefully researched and curated the ingredients that are safe to use for women. ​​

Our intimate perfume is hypoallergenic, and clinically tested to be used on sensitive skin. We acknowledge some women may have more sensitive skin than others, we recommend following our instructions on the best way to use the intimate perfume.​​

Similar to many other products in the market, we have specific disclaimers that you can review before using the product.​

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Sustainability On Top of Mind​

While having sustainability as one of our goals, we made the decision to use a combination of natural and synthetic ingredients during the development of MyRosy intimate perfume. ​​

Although we understand consumers might want the most natural ingredients, it isn't a very eco-friendly route as it can negatively impact the environment by over-harvesting our planet's flowers and plants. However, we use the combination to get the best of both worlds. We have the beautiful fragrance from the extraction of natural ingredients simultaneously use synthetic ingredients to reduce the potential risk of allergens.​​

In addition, MyRosy intimate perfume glass is made from recycled materials and usage of eco-friendly energy resources. ​

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